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Off the Grid and Living in the Woods on Ose Mountain, Alaska

My name is Duane Arthur Ose and I am here to tell you a story.

I became disabled 1977. I first came to Alaska from Minnesota in 1982. I liked what I saw and I spent the next several years researching the federal Homestead act of 1864 while I explored the deep wilderness of Alaska.

In July of 1985, I staked out my Homestead and filed in October of 1986 to become the last homesteader in America. My wife and I have spent nearly 3 decades living off the grid and in the deep woods of Alaska.

I named Ose Mountain after my surname Ose. My ancestry dates back to Norway and the Vikings. We are a hardy adventurous people.

I came to Ose Mountain by hiking 3 1/2 miles up a high hill, 1205 feet above sea level,
hauling everything on my back. I climbed the mountain because I did not wish to live in a valley where the cold air settles a rather high up where the warm air rises.

Being at the top of the mountain I am also blessed with a beautiful southern view view of  “The Great One” Mt Denali.  The earth here comes from a ancient Birch forest, giving us a fertile soil nested in a sheltered bowl protected from the North winds. Our massive log home is built on a ridge which my wife Rena and I live within our means, off grid and created a new life.

All that you will see is what we made ourselves from the resources provided by the land and our hard work

Before I was married to Rena, I was asked where is your wife? I replied as soon as I have the house built I will search for that special lady.

They told me quite sharply, I had to find that lady first in order to work together as one in the building of your home.

I searched the world over and Rena and I came to be. Rena is from a city in Ontario Canada. We both prefer the northern climate and enjoy our Mountain home.

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 Here is a song about our home on Ose Mountain by my long time friend Steve Mahlum

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Duane and Rena Ose

Living in the woods and off the grid on Ose Mountain, Alaska.


  • Living in the woods Ose Mountain, Alaska
    This is a 3,000' bird's eye view of our home completely off the grid on Ose Mountain, Alaska

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